Mushroom Blend How to Use

We offer Mushroom Blend in powdered or capsule form.

Powdered is great for versatility and is most popular with our customers as the possibilities are endless! Our favourites ways to consume…

  • Add a teaspoon (4-5g) to your cafetiere or coffee for extra focus and mental clarity
  • Whisk into warm oat milk for a soothing Mushroom Latte
  • Brew with hot water for an invigorating Mushroom Tea
  • Mix into hot chocolate for a relaxing adaptogenic treat
  • Pop in your breakfast smoothie for a morning pick me up
  • Stir into soup for a nutrient rich meal
  • Add to gravy or stock to power up your favourite dishes

Capsules are perfect for convenience, so if the thought of even boiling the kettle is a turn off for you, these are the way to go. Simply take 4-6 capsules daily with a glass of water. Our capsules are also easy to open, so if you ever want to mix it up and use the powder in drinks or recipes you can. 

No it doesn’t. Our Mushroom Blend has a delicious, cacao like aroma and a subtle, earthy taste that won’t overpower whatever it is mixed with. So whether you’re adding to smoothies, coffee or meals, Mushroom Blend won’t become the headline act.

We're so confident you'll like it, we offer a love it or it’s free guarantee. If you don’t enjoy it or feel the benefits (you will), simply get in touch and we’ll give you your money back.