We work hard to create the highest quality products that we believe you’ll love. But what if you don’t? Well we’ve got your back 🙌.

If the product doesn’t work for you, whatever the reason, no worries. Just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund, including your original shipping fee, right there on the spot. And the best bit? We won’t even ask you to get off your arse and return it to us. 

All we do ask is:

1) You let us know why you’d like a refund, so we can learn and improve.

2) You try it out for at least two weeks, to give us a fair shot.

Finally, the small print...

We offer one zero hassle refund per product, per customer. If you are repeat buying and then asking for a refund, you clearly love the product and are just trying it on.

This also means if you’ve bought multiples of the same item, no problem, we’ll just refund one zero hassle and the rest once we’ve received them back unopened (so please only open one at once).

To arrange a refund, please contact us at